Talk With Him Sis!

“If we knew how much God loved us and was for us, we’d talk to Him all day long.”
Donald Miller

Validate Me

Validate- to recognize, establish, or illustrate the worthiness or legitimacy of…..


Yesterday I shared that I have quite a few journals. I honestly cannot recall when I started journaling. I can attribute it to growing up on church and taking notes during service. Since then I have always carried something with me to church in order to jot down notes. I not only limit it toContinue reading “Journaling”

Week 3

In what do you find the simplest of joys? The simplest of joys hum. I would have to say dancing. I love dancing! Hip-Hop, modern, African, you name it. I truly enjoy dancing it makes me happy and I can dance whenever I want. So inside secret (as a teenager I would turn off allContinue reading “Week 3”

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