Get Yo Life

I mean OMG these shoes are Everythanggg ( in my Tamar voice) Girls these are perfect to match with a cute freakum dress for that perfect night out. These may not be in my closet right now but I just got blessed with a pair of freakum dress shoes lol. Check them out...... My friend [...]


Fun! Oh how I am loving the look of these high waisted two piece swimsuits. It gives you that Old Hollywood feel. I am definitely stepping up my swimsuit game and adding these to my collection. Take a peek, which one do you like? These can be found at This one can be found [...]


Is one of my favorite things to do. Besides shopping 😄 however decorating comes once in a few blue moons for me. Once I find pieces I like I try not to change it to often. Most of my pieces are bold and the center of attraction at its specific location. Yesterday I took a [...]